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Automatic Snap Fastening Machines, Snap Button Attaching Equipment

Regardless of the type of snap attaching machine you need, we have the right fastening equipment that can be used for attaching snap fasteners, rivets, eyelets and grommets to the plastic, fabric, canvas, denim fabric, etc. Below are our rivet machines, snap fastener machines, eyelet and grommet machines available with different specifications to meet different attaching needs.

    1. Riveting Machines
    2. Riveting Machines At Hongshan, we offer you a variety of highquality automatic feed riveting machines to meet your most demanding rivet setting needs. We are an innovative manufacturer of high quality rivet machines. Hongshan’s commitment to the customer is what drives us to bring the best solution to each individual application.
    1. Eyelet Machines, Grommet Machines
    2. Eyelet Machines, Grommet Machines A wide selection of eyelet machines is provided by Hongshan to address all your eyelet setting needs. The eyelets can be attached to different materials through the eyelet/grommet machines, including PVC banners, flags, plastics, cardboard, and textiles. These applications may require multiple settings ...
    1. Automatic Snap Fastener Machines
    2. Automatic Snap Fastener Machines Hongshan is committed to providing high quality fully automatic snap fastener machines for our customers. These machines are perfect with manufacturers who are looking affordable and reliable solutions for snap fastener applications. The snap fastening machine features double rotary hoppers to achieve automatic ...

With more than 20 years of experience in fastening industry, Hongshan is able to provide all types of high quality automatic attaching machines to realize the attachment of rivets, snap fasteners, eyelets and grommets. As an experienced automatic fastener attaching machine manufacturer, we provide you custom made attaching machines according to your requirements, in addition to the standard machine models. We have the extensive industry knowledge in the manufacturing of rivet, eyelet and snap fastener machines. This makes us confident to assist in providing the best attaching machine for you. With a full range of mechanical snap systems, our fastener attaching machines have been widely used in today’s medical, health, sports markets.


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